Design For Good - Talk 2017


Design For Good is an initiative aimed at engaging and provoking community to use works of creativity and design to make a difference and positively influence and change the world.

Design For Good (DFG) challenges pre-conceived mindsets. For the third year running, we explore how design can be the solution for entrenched societal issues. This March, our eyes are set on dis-ability.

Having partnered with persons with disabilities (PwDs) in our previous projects, we witnessed the strength and courage that our friends had as they stepped forward to acquire new skills. It has to be a myth- the thought that “disabled” people are unable to carve out their own careers. They just need a better chisel.

With that in mind, we moved forward with a heart to gather changemakers and strengthen the ecosystem behind the PwDs themselves. DFG 2017 is a platform for everyone to own their stake and share life journeys as a community. A stronger community yields a sharper sword, and a sharper sword conquers higher giants.

Therefore in Design For Good (DFG) 2017, we seek to empower, discuss and create awareness for the PwDs and the stakeholders involved around and behind them. The beneficiaries, the caregivers, the VWOs, the government sector, the social enterprise. The whole ecosystem.

Layer by layer, we seek to point out unseen gaps. Step by step, we seek to question and reimagine possibilities.In aspects beyond, we apply design thinking as a way of life. This session encourages critical thinking while keeping it real as our interactive case studies take us from designing environments to redesigning lives.

The idea of dis-ability affects us in ways more than we know and realise. Participants can expect a rewarding afternoon as they find out how design can be really used for good in Singapore.

Design For Good Speakers

Mr. Phua Hong Wei - WOHA Architects - "Enabling Village - Designing a Common Ground for All"

Mr. Alfred Yeo - Advocate for the Deaf Community - "Accessibility and Inclusion for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing"

Ms. Ruth Lee Li Sian - SPD - “(The Role of) Innovation & Design in Return to Work”

Dr. Subhasis Banerji - Founder SynPhne - “Rethinking Healthcare – Live demo of The SynPhNe Method for PWDs”

Our registration is now full, we have created a waiting list in case we receive any cancelation we will pass the tickets to the waiting list.

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Sat Mar 11, 2017
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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